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1) Do you believe a Supreme Being created everything that exists, and that he has existed for all time and will exist for all time? 2) Do you accept that all humans have rejected his rule, consciously or unconsciously, yourself included? 3) Do you agree that you have put yourself in charge of your own life? 4) Do you agree that this Supreme Being then has the right to punish you as he sees fit? 5) Do you believe that there is no way that you can escape this punishment in your own strength? 6) Do you believe the Supreme Being became in the flesh the person Jesus Christ to make a way for you to escape this punishment? 7) Do you believe that his love for you is such that he was willing to give his own family member to get you back into a relationship with him, the punishment due dealt with by his plan? 8) Do you believe Jesus lived a life in perfect obedience to his father, the Supreme Being and therefore deserves no punishment? 9) Do you accept that Jesus' death and punishment in hell was sufficient and his blood (the blood of the God), so precious, that it could pay for the punishment all humans deserve from God for their disobedience and rejection of his rule? 10) Do you accept that Jesus had the full weight of God's anger with you thrown upon him as he hung on the cross and suffered in hell for three days? 11) Do you believe the Immortal One then raised Jesus from death and placed him at his right hand where he now reigns in power, with every being under him? 12) Do you believe Jesus will return in majesty to finish time and pour out his anger on those who continue to reject his rule and refuse to know him? 13) Do you believe that this anger will be shown in hell, a place where there is absolutely no presence of God and the withered shells of those there will exist in a permanent state of torture, pain, loneliness and rejection, with no chance of escape or death, just eternal misery? 14) Do you accept that through his plan shown on the cross he defeated the grip that your disobedience and the hell that it deserves have on your life and made it possible for you to escape these and be one of his children? 15) Do you agree that with his plan he defeated those powers that strive to stop you being the child of God that you were made to be? 16) Are you willing to trust him completely and live a new life worthy of the separate and holy status that this has given you through his plan? 17) Will you strive to learn his purpose for your life and be willing to ask him to make your life pleasing to him? 18) Will you struggle against this world and put the desires of your heavenly father before your own and be willing to give up all for the prize he will give you in the next, real and eternal life? 19) Ask him now, turn from your old life and you can enter the Kingdom of the Son he loves, leave the dominion of darkness and know the forgiveness of disobedience.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Eternal Life, the curse is no longer upon you. Receive the Spirit who gives life to all Gods children and grow in his fruits. Fight the good fight, keep the faith and finish the race. You are a holy and dearly loved child of God. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and you will receive the crown of life. Turn away from Him though and taste His wrath for eternity...