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Welcome to the page for the UK's newest and most underground distributor of extreme alternative music...

Tarantula Distribution

Firstly click on the nice link for Nordic Mission at the bottom of the page and see what they've got. Then get in touch with me with a list of the stuff you would like. I'll then get back to you asap with a price in £UK and availabilty details. If you are happy send me a cheque / postal order (payable to 'M. Bryzak') or well hidden cash and I'll get the stuff to you asap. It normally takes a week or two to complete the process. Prices are as cheap as we can do them, we don't run for profit, just to make hard to get CD's more easily available in the UK. In real terms this means most full length CD's are less than £11 with EP's / MCD around £5, including p&p in the UK. You get the advantage of not having to go and get foreign currency to pay for things and we can do things cheaply because we buy in bulk and pay less postage, commission etc.

For more mainstream stuff in the UK check out Dual Edge. All items will also be available to buy in person at the Dual Edge stall in Stables market, Camden on Saturdays and Sundays. (Near the Black Rose and CyberDog).

Washed by His blood

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